Writing Well for Business Success

My latest book, Writing Well for Business Success, comes out from St. Martin’s Press on September 1. I’ve written this book to help make the job of writing business communications easier and faster. Here’s what some of the reviewers have said about the book:

“Yes, it’s possible to write business prose without sounding like Mr. Burns. Sandra Lamb can tell you how to deliver that bad-news memo, how to write email like a grown-up, how to take blame without groveling, and how to be grammatically correct without being stiff. She knows! And anyone who advises against ‘repurpose’ and ‘strategic fit’ gets my vote.”

–Patricia T. O’Conner, author with Stewart Kellerman, of Woe Is I and, Origins of the Specious.

“Sandra Lamb is a pro’s pro as a writer, editor and coach. Her book is an important resource for anyone interested in clear, concise communications in the business world.”

Timothy Harper, writing coach, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism; editor and publisher, CUNY Journalism Press

“Finally, a clear and easy to read and apply reference book on writing. Sandra Lamb has truly written a fine and concise book that includes all the fundamentals of writing for business and for life. This is one of the best books on writing that I have ever read in my near 40 years of college teaching. This incredible book is nicely designed to allow writers quick and easy access to all of the necessary rules needed to write proper emails, reports, and other office research projects. This is a wonderful book to help both students and professionals succeed. Writing Well will give writers of all levels the confidence and knowledge to be an expert writer on the job or in the classroom. This book is a fresh and insightful way to master writing at work and at home. As a long time college writing instructor, I highly recommend it.”

Professor M. L. Liebler, Department of English / Wayne State University-Detroit

“Sandra E. Lamb has made an enviable career out of practicing what she preaches. Her latest book, Writing Well for Business Success, will benefit anyone who’s trying to make the great leap from academic writing (often stuffy, wordy, and riddled with jargon) to clear and concise professional writing.”

Richard Nordquist, professor emeritus of English and guide to grammar and composition at About.com

“Everybody complains about poor nonfiction writing, but Sandra Lamb is doing something about it. Businesses which assign her sensible and useful new book
on writing may start to save some of the billions of dollars now being poured into remedial writing classes for all levels of employees.”

Randy Dotinga, president, American Society of Journalists and Authors